Dedicated Resources

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Traditional gameservers use pooled resources, all servers on each node use any resources up to their maximum amount on a first come first serve basis.

With our dedicated servers, all resources listed on your plan are allocated to you and you only - no slowing down because someone else's inefficiently coded server is using high CPU or RAM!

In addition, with dedicated servers you get full system access, meaning you can host multiple gameservers, a website and anything else you need all on one server!

Note: By default, all dedicated servers are provided with barebones Ubuntu Server installations and SSH access. However, for a small fee we will install a web-panel system, similar to the one provided on traditional gameservers.

Which option should you pick?

For development servers or small communities, we recommend gameservers. For medium to large communities, we strongly recommend using dedicated servers.

The ideal dedicated server depends heavily on your intended use, different games have different requirements.
Garry's Mod favours high clock speed and core count is less important.
Minecraft favours highest overall CPU speed and often requires a lot of RAM.

If you are unsure what server you require, you can make a support ticket at any time and our team will help you find the best server for your requirements.

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